September 1st, 2010

I have recently moved to a new apartment, I work at home, something which has its benefits as well as it's drawbacks. Some of the benefits: You closer to the fridge, you can take naps when you're tired, you have solitude which is essential for concentrating on your drawing/writing. Some of the drawbacks: leisure activities (such as reading blogs, chatting, or staring at the ceiling) can easily sneak their way into your work day, You have no separation between living space and work space, and you have solitude which is essential for driving a person insane. Anyhow, despite all that I think working at home works for me, and overall hasn't hurt my productivity or creative process.

So I wanted to share with you a few pictures of my work space:

Some essential things seen here:
-a large flat table to fit all my digital tools and also functions as a drawing surface.
-a file cabinet to stuff piles of receipts, invoices, and sketchbooks into.
-a wacom tablet (without which life wouldn't be worth living)
-a tilting drafting table (without which my back would hurt ever more)
-various pens and brushed on hand
-notice that the ink is taped to the table - I would highly recommend this to anyone working with ink. (my previous studio had a big black blotch on the floor from all the times ink got spilled on it).
-the wall is painted a neutral color - you can't have a distracting color interfering with your color choices.

Here's something I recently purchased and have been needing for years - a flat file. It's pretty essential for storing drawings and paper. Gone are the days where I was ashamed to send out crumpled pieces of bristol to galleries - now it's all flat and undented!

-and here's a little sneak peak into the current project I'm working on - including various reference shots.

Hope you've enjoyed this virtual tour of my studio!