December 7th, 2012

I just returned from a very amazing visit to China! I was very honored to be invited to the (first of its kind) Beijing Comics & Animation Festival which is still ongoing this month. The festival incorporated a gallery show showcasing the work of French, American, and Chinese cartoonists, and included my work as well as that of fellow cartoonist Ramon Perez who was also invited to the event. In addition to the show we both got to speak at the convention and at the Beijing Film Academy where we were showcasing our work to young cartoonists and animators.

Beijing blew my mind, to say the least; it's unique and fresh atmosphere is unparalleled. During the stay I had a chance to visit, amongst other places; the Great Wall, the emperor's tombs, the famous Beijing flea market and the old city alleyways (Hutong). And on top of that I had the opportunity to taste the local food which is absolutely incredible (nothing like chinese american food). Here's some highlights from the trip, hope to be able to return to China in the near future!