July 11th, 2012

A new edition of the classic P.G Wodehouse book, 'Summer Lightning',  just came out with a cover I illustrated. For those of you not familiar with Wodehouse, he was a British author who wrote over 90 books; Summer Lightning is part of the Blandings Castle series, chronicling the lives of British upper class folk and their petty and silly preoccupations and love interests. It's a type of comedy of errors that's a lot like Seinfeld, a whole lot of fuss over nothing. Wodehouse's books are really funny and witty, and I would recommend them not only to Anglophiles but to anyone who likes well written comedy. You can buy the book here.

Below is the final cover, with some of the original sketches I sent out to the AD. One of the main 'characters' in the book is The Empress of Blanding - a prize winning Pig. I made sure to insert her in all the sketches, and found out that pigs are a lot of fun to draw!