August 10th, 2011

Here are two recent illustrations I did for The Wall Street Journal. The first article was an account on a bizarre and lonely venture into Disneyworld CA, showcasing the magic kingdom in a less then bright light. The writer describes a sad and outdated series of rides, and somewhat repulsive selection of fast food offered in the park. I sent the AD a series of sketches depicting some of the elements described in the article, mostly emphasizing the darkly funny point of view of the writer. The AD went with a sketch featuring a somewhat frumpy visitor carrying an arrey of disney foods and wearing a vintage grumpy shirt. Sadly, for fear of copyright issues, both Grumpy and Eeyore were dropped from the final illustration.

The following assignment was a personal story of a roadtrip gone fowl, when the writr decides to take a chance and go on a spontanious journey with her collage friend which she has not seen in ages. Things turn from bad to worse and the car starts to feel more and more like a mobile prision