October 18th, 2011

Last week I went down to Occupy Wall Street and took some pictures and made some drawings, needless to say I think this movement is incredibly important and is a more then valid demonstration of a growing social frustration in the US. Salaries are stagnant, jobs are scarce, all the while health and education costs are skyrocketing, while a small minority keeps growing obscenely rich. The middle class is rapidly disappearing as part of a well devised plan fueled by the infernal greed of the corporate behemoths and american oligarchy.

As an illustrator I've been incredibly lucky to be able to live off what I love doing, but I'm not indifferent to signs of erosion in my field as well - fees are the same as they were in the mid 1980's, and in many cases much lower. I have to buy my own health insurance, which is costly and covers very little. The school I studied in has now more then doubled its tuition, and some of my friends are burdened by immovable student loans. Something needs to change, soon!

Anyhow, enough kevetching, here are the drawings: