October 10th, 2009

Last month I got a call from the Boston Globe to do an illustration for their november issue. The writer tells us how facebook and twitter have reduced her to a shallow two dimensional person, and make her wonder why do people only choose to tweet about certain things while neglect to mention others. It seems that on planet facebook things look a lot brighter then in reality. This was calling for a conceptual solution; below are two of the sketches I sent over to the AD. They decided to go with the first one, featuring people walking in the park with screens strapped to their faces, though with one change, the main girl should be without a screen, observing the others (not sure why, since in the article she was admitting to being just as guilty as anyone to presenting a false digital persona). Anyhow, the client is always right, so I went ahead to a finish keeping a limited palette and adding some one more layer of depth to the background.