May 23rd, 2010

In between the minefield of illustration assignments I try to find time to write and draw comics - a place where I usually feel I can express myself more freely. Certain periods are more fertile then others depending on the amount of commissioned work I have and various other factors (for instance - I discovered that my descision to start playing video games again after a 7 year break did not help my level of productivity). In addition to working on self contained short comics I also try to conceive bigger stories. About two years ago I came up with a Vertigo-esque tale called 'the Carnivore' - the story of an obsessed food critic who adopts a young girl who looks exactly like his deceased wife. I developed a synopsis, drew a few pages and even made a book cover (below) for the pitch. Alas, nobody picked the bait and the project never got to the next stage.

Browsing through my hard drive the other day I stumbled over the folder with the story material and decided to post the illustration! The color scheme is inspired by a polish film poster from the 60's or 70's. I was going for a very nostalgic look since the story was a sort of Hitchcock homage. I was aiming towards an image with high levels of negative space, with the prospect of the book title having plenty of room to float in. Here's the result: