May 3rd, 2010

Last week I was called up to do the opening illustration for an article about beauty and discrimination. The writer maintains that throughout the US there is an overall phenomena of discrimination against people who are unattractive. You will have more chances to be hired and get a better position if your are an attractive individual, while overweight or unattractive folks are might be assessed negatively due to their looks and not their qualifications. The author thinks that the law should address this problem and there should be ways to protect against discrimination based on looks. I personally do not agree with the author's idea, I think that a law of this sort would be kind of silly - its human nature to prefer more attractive looks and you can't fight it with the law, there is already too many laws correcting 'discrimination' that are bordering silliness but this one would really be down right senseless. but that's just my opinion. Anyhow, opinions or not, the article provided a really fun subject to work with, we ended up going with an image that shows a workers discontent with her workplace's beauty biased choices. I decided to contrast sharp square shapes with the rounds curves of the observing figures and also to contrast the colors. I usually prefer not to use text in my images but I think in this case it helped bring the concept into light.