August 23rd, 2010

Summer's almost gone... and I'm proud to say this has been my most beach themed summer to date! As a teenager in Israel I used to go to the beach on average once a year at best, but then when I left and as the years passed, I started to develop a longing for the ocean. There's something mysterious and alluring about the endless mass of water, fields of sand and open space (that is as long as your not visiting Coney Island on a saturday - then it would be a field of flesh).

So it's only fitting that I would also make a beach themed illustration. I came up with this idea while trying to produce a new art print, while it didn't quite fit as an art print I thought the concept was interesting enough to pursue as a full fledged illustration. I like the idea of combining two images to create an interesting interaction or contradiction. In this case we have two points of view; one - a close up of an anonymous man and the other- a view from his eyes as he approaches a sunbathing woman - who is also anonymous. The narrow strip is situated so that the woman's hat is exactly where the man's left eye would be - creating a somewhat demented scepter eye. I havent figured out what to do with this one yet... maybe one day it will be of use.